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SPICERS MILL™ supplies the finest and freshest gourmet spice products available. We believe that the complete elimination of plastic from all of the processes and packaging yields maximum taste and nutritional values, providing a completely healthy experience. Our products are grown locally where possible or we purchase directly from growers and/or processors within the United States. We blend and package ALL of our products right here in our VA facility.


All of our spice blends and rubs utilize our own original recipes and the non-blended items are pure ingredients. Tedious, time consuming testing and research go into each and every recipe that we develop and quality, originality, taste and consistency are of the utmost priority.

Additionally, our products are hand blended and packaged at the time of your purchase to provide maximum freshness and taste.

Check out our online store and see what we have to offer!

We are always adding new products to our expanding line, so check back often for all of our new offerings. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us!

Got recipe questions??? Email our “Spicemaster” below with all of your inquiries!

100% GUARANTEED product satisfaction!

SPICERS MILL™ is a proud member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition in Berkeley, CA. and we are the ONLY “plastics free” spice company in the world!

Our mission statement-

“SPICERS MILL™- Providing the Highest Quality Food Products WITHOUT the Use of Plastics”

SPICERS MILL™ was conceived through a lifelong passion of herbs and spices combined with our ever growing concern for the freewheeling use of plastics in the retail food industries. Almost uniformly, each and every spice company in this market segment has migrated to plastic containers, plastic banding, plastic sealing and plastic packaging.

With the research we have done, and coupled with our overall desire to bring back some of the early to mid-twentieth century manufacturing/packaging methods, we have created an alternative experience for those who desire to be environmentally conscious with their purchases.

We are excited to bring about a responsible approach to a market replete with “plastics apathy” and we are proud to initiate the change so desperately needed to eliminate “single use” plastics as an acceptable practice.

The SPICERS MILL™ experience-

NO plastics at all used in any facet of the operation, including processing and packaging efforts.

NO plastic containers. We use glass jars.

NO plastic lids. We use tin lids.

NO plastic or plastisol lid seals. We use cardboard/pulp seals.

NO plastic in any packaging materials. We use only cardboard.

NO plastic “tamper proof” bands. We use paper bands to accomplish this safety feature.

NO toxic ink used.

NO plastic or fiberglass used in the packaging tape. We use gummed paper packaging tape.

ALL labels are made from 100% recycled paper products.

MOST of all, you can expect the highest quality food products available! Packaged for freshness at the time of your purchase, our back to the basics, simple approach ensures that you will be completely satisfied.

Let us know how we can serve you better. We look forward to your input! Message us below!


If you are interested in becoming a dealer of our fine products, give us a call or message us!

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