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The SPICERS MILL™ Experience


  1. NO plastics at all used in any facet of the operation, including processing and packaging efforts.
  2. NO plastic containers. We use glass jars.
  3. NO plastic lids. We use tin lids.
  4. NO plastic or plastisol lid seals. We use cardboard/pulp seals.
  5. NO plastic in any packaging materials. We use only cardboard.
  6. NO plastic “tamper proof” bands. We use paper bands to accomplish this safety feature.
  7. NO toxic ink used.
  8. NO plastic or fiberglass used in the packaging tape. We use gummed paper packaging tape.
  9. ALL labels are made from 100% recycled paper products.
  10. MOST of all, you can expect the highest quality food products available! Packaged for freshness at the time of your purchase, our back to the basics, simple approach ensures that you will be completely satisfied.


FREE biodegradable birch wood tasting spoon with every jar of our fine products!!!